Floridian and Stardust systems are applied using our standard acrylic products.  They are great products for sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls and patios.  The base coats consist of two roller applications of acrylic product.  A third and final coat is applied over a pattern to simulate tile, brick, stone, ect.

Stardek I is a system which uses both our cement and acrylic products.  We spray a cement texture down on the concrete and roll two coats of acrylic.  It can be left solid or highlighted with the air assisted paint gun that sprays small dots.

Stardek II is a cement system using pigmented grout and texture to simulate tile, stone, brick, ect.  This is an excellent product for commercial applications.  It is a sprayed application using a hopper gun.  The colorant is mixed with resin in both the grout and spray mix before application.  A pattern/template is applied and additional colors are sprayed over the pattern or template.  The pattern/ template is removed and sealed with one of two sealers.  The two applications of sealers that can be used with this product are Sealer 100, which is the standard sealer or Durothane, which is an industrial sealer.

Stardek III is also a cement system with both grout and texture spray.  The colorant is mixed with resin in both the grout and texture mix.  A textured roller is then used to penetrate the texture and activate the release agent.  The product is sealed with Sealer 100 or Durothane.

Sealer 100 is a solvent acrylic with high exterior durability, good gloss retention, and is resistant to many chemicals and tire marks.  It is easily cleaned sealer recommended for Stardek II & III and for any exterior jobs.

Paver Saver a 25% solid solution, a solvent-borne, single component acrylic blend.  It is specially formulated to provide an excellent balance of UV stability with superior mar and abrasion resistance. The product penetrates deeply into concrete or paver savers providing long term durability while protecting against oil, dirt, and traffic and mildew growth.

T_Glaze a 25% solid solution, industrial strength finish.  It is used for all seamless, terrazzo vinyl, rubber, linoleum, asphalt tile floor, vinyl auto tops, and for plastic trim.  It can be used as a finish coat over flat paint for a gloss”enamel-like” finish.

Durothane is a chemical resistant two-compound saturated polyester aliphatic urethane coating.  It is used as a decorative and protective finish for Stardek I & II, Concrete, Wood and Metal.  It is great in the environments exposed to acid, alkalis, salts and solvents.  It is recommended in heavy industrial and marine atmospheres where long maintenance free life is required.  Especially useful on floors in such areas as aircraft hangers, warehouse and service bay floors where light reflectance, chemical and abrasion resistance is required.  Because durothane high cross-link density and non-toxic cured state it is an acceptable coating for food and beverage plants and hospital facilities.  Durothane displays excellent gloss retention on extended exterior exposure.



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